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What’s important to understand is that website hacking is not an attack on you or your business personally. This isn’t an individual targeting a specific website, these are attacks by huge networks of computers working their way through every site in the world trying to find a weakness.
Malicious attacks are increasing in numbers as hackers and viruses are getting more and more sophisticated in their approach to get into other peoples’ systems and servers.

How does my site get hacked?

When hackers find a way in they use the server or your site to work for them, forwarding emails, undertaking data collection by getting access to the user’s computer or redirecting users to other sites without you even knowing. To achieve this hackers inject code, that then spreads and adds code to other pages, sections or even image files of the infected website. A normal antivirus scan of the site will not find these code snippets. The only way to find them is to go through every line of code on the site, something that would take weeks, even for a small website.
Once your site has been hacked, it will go down, as the hosting company will block its access to the internet to avoid further spread of the virus or any harm being done to users’ systems.

What can I do to protect my site?

With this new style of attack from hackers, and the fact that it is only set to increase, we have to tackle the problem in a more pro-active way. To avoid this happening I recommend two actions.
The first is to keep all software and plugins on your website up to date with the latest versions as developers are always adding protection and security fixes to keep your site secure. Another important point is to make sure your passwords are secure, containing lower and upper letters, numerical and special characters and are at least 12 digits long.
The second action is to join our security plan provided by a company called Sucuri, one of the foremost online security companies. Sucuri constantly scans websites and reports any hacking attempts or any other errors on the site. They undertake to clean websites that have been attacked and monitor their blacklist status.
To read more about how Sucuri cleans sites, please read this article:
To avoid anything happening in the first place, Sucuri puts all traffic to and from the website
through their own super secure firewall, that way any attempts of malicious entry are
stopped before they even reach your site or server.
To read up more about Sucuri’s firewall, please take a look at this infographic:

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