The Business

AB Design is a one-person business, run by me, Anni Bisson, specialising in creative and individual design services for small to medium businesses, since 2006.

Services include Logo and Branding development, website design and the design of print and marketing material. I also offer website tutorials for frustrated website managers or complete newbies.
At the heart of AB Design is the aim to deliver a creative and personal service, completely tailored to each client’s need, and delivering individual results and the best possible solution for your business.

Recognising the challenges new business owners face, I am always happy to meet up for a free chat to talk through marketing materials required and offer discounted start up packages, designed to get businesses on their way with branding, stationary and a basic website.

In addition, I also run DIY web course which teaches new business owners to build and manage their own website from scratch.

Get in touch today to get your project started or take a look at my portfolio.

AB Design Customer Service
AB Design Infographic

About me

If you want to know the details, please take a look at the infographic. But to sum it up, I ended up in Guernsey with my (local) husband and two daughters in 2006, and am now proud to call this little rock my home.

We’ve done plenty of travelling and continue to do so whenever work and school commitments allow. We have two dogs, who play no small part in allowing me time to recharge my batteries and gather inspiration on our daily walks.

I enjoy working with people and getting to know my clients and their businesses away from shiny offices and crowded desk spaces.

The best meetings are held around the kitchen table where the coffee is close and everyone feels comfortable.